Yet another one of Hank Williams, Sr.‘s offspring has entered the music scene with the release of Martin Flanagan’s first album, “Beneath These Strings”, a ten-song collection, written and performed by Martin Flanagan, with songs that range from the outlandish and humorous “Walter-The Walking Accident” to the serious and eerie “Open A Vein”, a story about singer/songwriter Guy Clark.

“Everyone needs a copy of this disc. This is the stuff of legends…even if they are illegitimate ones!

Chris Maxwell
Red Dragon Listening Room

The illegitimate son of a legend, Martin, at the age of 61, decided now was the time to let the cat out of the bag about being the illegitimate son of a legend. “Since both of my adoptive parents are deceased, as well as Hank and my birth mother, I saw no harm in coming clean with the secret we’ve kept all these many years” Martin says. “Unlike my half-sister Jett, who went public about Hank being her paternal father as well, I have no intention of perusing it legally, as Jett did. I’m just content to know where my roots come from, and what has driven me to whiskey, women and writing songs.”

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